Getting Around Dallas

Dallas Area Rapid Transit - abbreviated as DART - offers locals and visitors both light rail and bus service throughout the city and outlying suburbs. The DART light rail operates several lines that crisscross the metro area. The Red Line connects Southwest Dallas and Oak Cliff to downtown and continues on northward to Parker Road in Plano. The Green Line runs from Carrollton in the northwest through downtown to the Buckner station in the southwestern corner of the city. The Blue Line takes passengers from the Rowlett station into the downtown core and continues southward to the Ledbetter station.

Surface street buses travel from downtown Dallas to destinations throughout the county. Some routes operate in a circular pattern around the city perimeter. There are dozens of park-and-ride lots and outlying transit centers that serve as boarding and debarking stations. Near the West End Marketplace in downtown Dallas, a large central transit center serves as the main hub for those arriving and leaving the business core.

The Trinity Railway Express is a convenient way to travel between Dallas and Fort Worth. This line operates between Dallas Union Station and the Fort Worth T&P Station. Intermediate stops include DFW Airport, West Irving, and Richland Hills.

Visitors can take the M-Line Trolley as part of a sightseeing tour of the historical neighborhoods. The trolley line runs from Ross Avenue near downtown through the arts district and northward along McKinney Avenue.

Taxi service from DFW Airport to downtown is provided by several licensed operators. The fares are fixed between many of the long-distance destinations. Hotels and motels located within 10 miles of the airport have shuttle buses that stop at all airport terminals. Those desiring limousine service can make reservations for airport pickup and drop-off by calling the agency directly.

All major car rental companies operate a reservation and customer service counter at DFW airport terminals. The car garages are located adjacent to all terminals, and passengers may choose to drop off their vehicle at one of the downtown agency locations for an added fee.

Rental car agencies also have locations at Love Field Airport. Many of the downtown hotels offer a free shuttle service to and from Love Field, which is located only five miles from the central business district. Visitors arriving via private jet at Love Field can also make reservations for minivan, SUV or limousine rentals for transport to the Dallas Convention Center or other venues.